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  • Amazing interactive features and lessons that will keep your attention.
  • A course designed with every type of learner in mind.
  • Taking the Official Learner License Exam online from home!
  • Fast, email-delivered Texas State certificates of completion (DE-964).

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  • You will NEVER be charged additional, hidden or exam fees from us. You pay one time, for an all-inclusive course.
  • You have full control of the course, with no timed pages. Open any lesson at any time with unlimited access!
  • Our customer support is top-notch. Sometimes you need a little help, and we are great at that!
  • Complete guidance through the entire process and beyond; including filling out state forms & visiting the DPS.

Compare Texas Parent Taught Online Courses

Visualize the incredible differences in our course versus the competition! Compare Texas online driver education schools below and know for certain that you are getting the best online driving course available!

Our Online Classroom


some other course's online classroom

The instructor should teach vehicle operating space.


The student must understand and learn how to apply space management on the roadway. Show them proper space management using your own visuals.


Figure out a way to demonstrate vehicle spacing between:


  • the vehicle behind you
  • the vehicle in front of you
  • the vehicles to your sides

Some other courses have a timer on each page, forcing you to wait and

hindering progress. This is a serious interruption to the learning process and

can cause a loss of interest. Enjoy the freedom with our course instead.

No timed pages in our course. You don’t need a computer

restricting access with timers on each page of lessons, or

kicking you off line. You will have full control of the course.

Our Videos
some other course's videos


Some other courses don't provide an online exam option. The student

still has to take the exam at the DPS and if they fail, they have to

come all the way back to take it again. In our course, you take it online

in the convenience of your home, with no exam or re-testing fees.

Take the official Learner License Exam online from home. That's

right, once the student passes the exam, you simply visit the DPS

with our certificate (with exam score), along with other forms to

get the Learner License. NO extra fees for the online exam.

Our Images - Made
in 3D


many of them
use  clip-art

Some other courses physically mail a certificate, slowing down the process and

keeping your student from getting their Learner License when they are ready.

Emailed certificates. We will email you the official state

certificate fast, so you can get to the DPS on your time.

Our Intersection Scenes


some of their intersections

Some other courses simply do not offer any discount for

repeat customers. We feel that it is important to reward

loyalty, and that shows in our family discounts.

We offer a generous multi-student discount program for families. Your first

student is $79, and every student after that, in your immediate family

is only $59!! There are no time restrictions either!

Interactive Content
in Every Lesson

click below


some other courses
have nothing interactive

 Our course DOES NOT expire. You pay once and absolutely no additional fees. You will have everything you need from Learner License all the way through the Driver License. No fees for the official exam either!

Some other courses expire after a few months, and then they

charge you monthly! They charge additional fees for more

access, more practice quizzes and other restricted features.

Not here! You get everything you need for ONE fee.

Not Sure If You're Clear On The Process?

First, have you seen our Interactive Guide? Visit this for more details.

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For more detailed information, be sure to view our Interactive Guide

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