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Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Agreement

By registering and/or purchasing a learning course with America’s Driver’s Ed (ADE), the registering student, parent(s)/ guardian(s), and/or affiliated parties (registrant) agree to and acknowledge the following terms and conditions. Acceptance of this document is required in order to purchase this course.


America’s Driver’s Ed will be referred to as ADE for the remainder of this document.


Acceptable Use

All lesson and testing material, forms of media including Images, videos, documents and audio are copyrighted and remain the sole property of ADE, or are being used within acceptable use policies. Any duplication, copying or other unauthorized use of aforementioned property is prohibited.


Usage of materials by unauthorized users is strictly prohibited. This refers to the use of lesson materials including all aforementioned property by an individual other than the registered student and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).


Usage of aforementioned property for purposes other than the facilitation of parental driver education (as defined by the state of Texas’ Parent-Taught Driver Education program) of a registered eligible student is strictly forbidden. The materials presented in this course are for the aide and use of the parent/guardian responsible for the task of driver education. ADE is supplying learning materials for an instructor’s use; we are not offering a driver education course to a student.


ADE is not responsible, nor is it offering a service for driver education or instruction. ADE’s service is only to be used appropriately in conjunction with the Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Education program. Refer to the Texas DPS for acceptable use, eligibility, and requirements that are set by the State of Texas pertaining to Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education.


Should a violation of ADE’s terms and conditions policy occur, the registrant forfeits all course fees and enrollment in their course.


ADE reserves the right to deny course enrollment for reasons of payment default, inaccurately disclosed personal information, failure to meet eligibility requirements, and other circumstances if they are deemed to be a conflict of interest, as determined by ADE management. Such denial by ADE will result in a full refund with a service charge of 5% of the paid course fee.


An enrolling student must be between 14-24 years of age. At the age of 18 the student must renew their learner's license. Should a student become disqualified for reasons relating to age, DPS time restrictions and/or guidelines they will not be eligible for a refund from ADE.


Release of Liability

By registering with ADE, you hereby fully release ADE from all liability arising from, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, death, personal loss and other circumstances resulting from a student’s driving abilities or inabilities, errors, lack of education, misinterpretation of learning materials, or the lack of learning material provided by ADE.


ADE is released from all liability arising from, but not limited to, personal loss, financial loss, identity theft or loss, or other circumstances resulting from electronic information theft. Personal information including name, address, email address, and password are stored on a remote server managed by a private third party.


No credit card information is stored by ADE. Phone orders are processed in real-time by a third party merchant; PayPal. For information on their policies please visit www.paypal.com. Credit card information is not written down or stored in any fashion by ADE.


ADE provides learning materials for instructors to use in conjunction with the State of Texas’ Parent Taught Driver’s Education program. The registering parent/ guardian of the student driver is solely responsible for the task of driver education.


Authenticity of Information

Upon registration, you must provide accurate and up-to-date information for the registering student and parent/ guardian. Registrant parent or legal guardian certifies that they are the legal guardian by birth or law of the registrant student. Failure to comply will result in a denial of course access with no refund offered. Registrant parent or legal guardian agrees to provide proof of kinship if required by law, upon request, and for verification purposes.


Falsified or incorrect information regarding the registrant student, parent or legal guardian will void the registration and course participation. Any payment having already been received will be forfeited.


Official Documentation

ADE will provide proof of course completion in the form of a course-issued Certificate of Completion document. One certificate will be issued after completion of the first 6 hours of Classroom Instruction (Concurrent Method) or all 32 hours of Classroom Instruction (Block Method) and a second certificate upon completion of the remainder of the course.


ADE will not provide official documents related to the State of Texas’ Parent Taught Driver’s Education (PTDE) program. This includes, but is not limited to, PTDE enrollment form (DL-92), affidavits (DL-90a,b), and all other forms necessary to compete the requirements of the PTDE program. ADE will provide State-approved time logs to use. Should the registrant user have difficulties requesting or finding such documents, an ADE customer support representative may aid in the locating of such documents, but ADE will not directly provide such documents. Proper documentation and PTDE form completion is solely the responsibility of the registrant parent or legal guardian.


By registering with ADE, the registrant parent or legal guardian understands that they are ultimately responsible for the education of their teen driver and satisfying all requirements of the State of Texas’ PTDE program. ADE will provide all of the learning materials offered to the instructor in order to complete the classroom portion of the PTDE program, as well as practice testing materials.


Permit/License Testing Failure

Official DMV testing is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian instructor. ADE will provide all lesson materials as required by the State of Texas’ course curriculum, and approved supplementary practice question material to prepare for DMV testing. Student and parent/guardian should not rely on this material alone to pass the learner’s license test. Use of the Texas Driver Handbook will be required. ADE does not take responsibility for the results of exam failure by the student registrant. Ultimate responsibility is that of the designated instructor and student.


Furthermore, ADE will not issue refunds, partial or whole, for the failure of DMV testing, online course failure, permit/license issuance denial, or other eligibility restrictions not related to this business.


Refund Policy

ADE will issue a refund within three calendar days (72 hrs.) of a registration when requested. A 5% service charge of the course fee will be assessed for the processing of payments by debit or credit card. Refunds will be sent within three (3) business days. Once the first 6 hours of Classroom Instruction has been completed or a certificate has been issued, the registrant parent/guardian and student are not eligible for a refund.


Refunds may be requested via e-mail at customersupport@americasdriversed.com. If registrant parent/guardian originally chose to pay by check via postal mail service, no processing charge will be assessed and a full refund check will be sent out within five (5) business days.


Security of Personal Information

ADE will never knowingly release or sell personal information about the registrant student and/or parent/ guardian. The information you provide during registration is for ADE’s verification purposes and record keeping only. ADE will only use personal information for business purposes not related to the sale or disclosure to third parties.


ADE will maintain personal records for a minimum of three years per state requirements. Registrant parent or legal guardian also agrees to maintain records of course completion for a minimum of three years.

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