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The team at America's Drivers Ed is dedicated to making the Parent-Taught Driver Education process as easy as possible for both the parent and student. Our detailed step by step instruction throughout the course will ensure that you complete all of the State's requirements, obtain all the right forms, and have everything you need when you visit the DPS. Most importantly, your student will have a great online driver education course. The parent can rest at ease knowing that our course is complete, and that they have our excellent customer support with them along the way. Driving can be a difficult task, but education doesn't have to be.


Students will remain engaged thanks to our amazing digital graphics team and hundreds of incredible works of art found throughout the course. We use 3D rendered graphics to help visualize certain concepts, and some just for the fun of it! We are always growing our media library of custom and very unique videos as well.


We approach the process of driver education differently than most; add to that a few creative talents, and you have our best course yet. Have you seen the preview lesson? Unlike other courses that want you to jump through a few hoops to see the course, we put it right up front. We want you to see what the lessons are like, because the quality of our course speaks for itself. America's Drivers Ed was founded in 2009 by two Texas teachers with 13 years of experience in public classrooms. Education was the foundation of this course, and remains the most important aspect.


Every person on our team is cross-trained in multiple professional fields including but not limited to graphic design, 3D animation, Texas law, education, and programming. This diversity in skills allows us to produce and publish creative content other courses simply don't compare to. And best yet, every one of our team members will provide you with a courteous and helpful experience. It's our number one priority every single time we interact with our customers.

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