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The instructor should teach vehicle operating space.

The student must understand and learn how to apply space management on the roadway. Show them proper space management using your own visuals.

Figure out a way to demonstrate vehicle spacing between:

  • the vehicle behind you
  • the vehicle in front of you
  • the vehicles to your sides
More Information on Parent Taught Drivers Ed

A Texas Parent Taught course is a great way to complete driver’s education if you want an affordable option that is also flexible for you and your teen’s busy schedule. Everything in the course is already written and approved by the state of Texas for the student to complete online, on any device. The course includes the 32 classroom hours and 44 driving hours required by the state of Texas, as well as, practice quizzes and the Official DPS Learner License Exam at home.

As the parent instructor, you will guide your student through the course, making sure they understand the classroom content. For example, the content will contain interactive features to keep the student engaged, as well as, prompts for the parent to share an experience with the student. The course also provides incredible 3D animated videos demonstrating activities like changing a flat tire or parallel parking.

Once a student has a permit from the Texas DPS and starts driving, the online course will tell you exactly what activities to complete in the vehicle along with the minimum amount of time to spend on each activity. Don’t worry, the driving lessons start out slow with the parent demonstrating pre-drive and post drive tasks, leading up to parking and eventually driving on freeways. Then the student will get behind the wheel to complete the same activities with the parent instructor’s assistance from the passenger seat.

Throughout the driver education course, you will have step by step instructions to keep you on track. These instructions will tell you what forms to print, when to use the forms and, of course, the documents you need to take to the Texas DPS for the Learner License and the Driver License, when we email the DE 964 certificate. We even provide sample forms so you can fill them out confidently (forms such as the DL-90A, DL-91A, DL-91B, etc). Student’s must pass a multiple-choice exam online to get a Texas Learner License, or permit, and then pass a road test to get the Provisional Driver License.

There are two ways to complete parent taught driver education; the Block Method and Concurrent Method. With the Concurrent Method, the Texas permit exam can be taken after completing the first 6 hours of classroom instruction, then they will complete the remaining 26 classroom hours and the 44 driving hours. With the Block Method, the online permit exam is taken after completing all 32 classroom hours and the they complete the 44 driving hours after obtaining a valid Texas learner license. Once the student has held their Learner License issued by the Texas DPS for at least six months, has completed all other driver education requirements and has turned 16, they are eligible to schedule their driving test with the DPS or a third-party skills testing site.

Once eligible to take the driving, or road, test, the student must register on the ITTD (Impact Texas Teen Drivers) website and complete the two-hour video requirement. This is separate from our online course requirements. This state requirement was added a few years ago to highlight the dangers of distractions while driving. Once the video is completed, you will receive a certificate by email from ITTD. This certificate must be submitted to the DPS when you take the road test and is only valid for 90 days. If your road test is not completed in 90 days, you will need to re-watch the video.

When you are eligible and ready to take the road test, you can schedule the test on the DPS website with any DPS location. Many Texas DPS locations do not have road tests available for 2-3 months from the date you are scheduling. If you are eligible and ready to take the road test earlier than the DPS has available, you have the option to schedule your road test with a local driving school approved to administer the test (third-party skills testing). Each driving school sets their own price for the test, in addition to the DPS fee for the Driver License.

If you have any questions concerning requirements or need more help understanding the process, please give us a call at 281-993-5662.

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